Worship Songs August 26, 2018

|Come Praise and Glorify | No Longer Slaves | Who You Say I Am | O Church Arise |To Praise Your Glory | |Come Praise and Glorify| |No Longer Slaves| | Who You Say I am| |O Chruch Arise| |To Praise Your Glory |

Worship Songs August 19, 2018

|Generous King | All Creatures | How Great is Our God | Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King |New Doxology| |Generous King | |All Creatures of Our God and King| |How Great is Our God| |Come Thou Fount, Come thou King| |New Doxology|

Six years and counting…

Last Sunday, July 29, my family and I celebrated our sixth anniversary at Grace Life. We arrived in July 2012. Because of the way God has wired me, I am naturally a reflective person at key milestones. I remember those strong desires while serving as an assistant pastor in Pennsylvania, to preach and shepherd God’s people. I remember when I first heard about a

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When Christians Fast

To seek God’s wisdom and direction in ministry.  Mathew 4, Mark 1 and Luke 4 teach that Jesus spent forty days and nights fasting and praying before He began the work that His Father gave him to do. In Acts 14, Paul and Barnabas fasted for the elders of the churches before commissioning them into their pastoral ministry. To seek deliverance or protection. With

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Praying for Boldness (Acts 4:23-30)

The American church feels the force of cultural winds that blow against her. Culturally, sexual expression and experimentation is embraced, encouraged and considered enlightened; preserving intimacy for marriage is seen as archaic. Religiously, the idea that there is only one way to God through Jesus in an age of pluralism appears uneducated, uninformed and arrogant. What does a church do when facing these external

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How to Pray

“If only God would tell me what I should do next?!” These are the words of every Christian (and some non-Christians) who are bewildered about the next step or stage of life. Single moms ask this question. Teenagers ask this question about choosing a major and college. Parents ask this question when frustrated with their parenting. Men and women ask this question when facing

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