Quotable Quotes from Sunday’s Sermon

I’ve had a few people ask for a few of the quotes that I used in Sunday’s message on Singleness. Here they are…

Let’s face it: singleness is not an inherently inferior state of affairs…. But I want to be married. I pray to that end every day. I may meet someone and walk down the aisle in the next couple of years because God is so good to me. I may never have another date…because God is so good to me. Paige Brown


For those of us who remain single, we might not experience the unique depth of intimacy with one person that a married friend might, but we can enjoy a unique breadth of intimacy with a number of close friends that comes from having greater opportunity & capacity than married people typically have to invest in close friendships. Sam Alberry, British Pastor

Listen to the message below:



Reconciling Unhealthy Marriages

From our message titled Resolving Conflict in Your Marriage, Pastor Joel concluded with five “precious remedies” that reconcile unhealthy marriages: (1) active allegiance to God. (James 4:7) When we submit to the temptation of our tongue, our passions, our pride we are declaring our allegiance to the devil!?! That’s not the way we think. We tend to think we made a mistake. When we

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No Way! No Growing Marriage Allow These

James 3 & 4 teach that there are four incompatible characteristics of healthy marriages: blessing tongue vs cursing tongue. (James 3:9-10) James says how can you curse at your spouse on Friday and worship on Sunday? The answer isn’t to stop worshipping. earthly wisdom vs heavenly wisdom. (James 3:13, 15, 17). Common sense is not always biblical wisdom. There are plenty of common sense values in

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What Causes Marital Conflict?

James 3 & 4 teach us that there are three contributing factors that create conflict in marriage: The first characteristic is an uncontrolled tongue. (James 3:2-4) James writes, if a person can control his tongue that man is a perfect man or she is a perfect woman. He illustrates it two ways: 1) like a bit placed in a horse’s mouth and yet the bit

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Prayer of Dedication

At our groundbreaking celebration this past Saturday the building committee chairman prayed a dedicatory prayer for the new building: Psalm 37:3-4, Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. “Lord, it is the desire of our hearts that from this land, a mighty

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