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An Unlikely Reversal…

George Leile’s life can only be described as a divine reversal. In 1776, 13 colonies declare their independence forming the United States of America. Six years later, George, now a freed black slave, along with his wife Hannah and their four children departed for Jamaica. Prior to this, while listening to his pastor preach the gospel, Leile is born again.  History records that he arrived as a freed man on a slave trade island with fewer than 500 Christians. By the time Leile dies, there are more than 20,000 Christians on the island with Leile himself having led over 800 to Christ. The story of George Leile as an unlikely reversal is not unique to Christianity. Today’s text also reveals five reversals

Reversal of destiny
Our rebellion against God demands a reversal of destiny. Like a time-lapse video, that shows hours of video footage in a few moments, Esther is an abbreviated story of what God is doing in His chosen people throughout the Old Testament. God warns His people that they will be scattered. Israel is in bondage because they reject their God. He will use other nations as instruments of discipline. The book of Esther is a story that God uses unlikely people to produce unexpected endings.

Reversal of Confidence Esther 6:1-5
In the book of Esther, God is never mentioned. This understanding helps us interpret the theme, God’s Silent Sovereignty. In Esther 2:19-22, Mordecai overhears a plot to kill King Ahasuerus and takes action to thwart it. Instead of Mordecai being rewarded, his arch enemy Haman is. Ironically, what would the great Ahasuerus desire to hear to put him back to sleep, but his own biography?  The irony continues as God’s silent sovereignty brings the sleepless Ahasuerus and the conniving Haman together. In doing so, God is reversing and restoring Mordecai’s confidence in the unseen God of Israel.

Reversal of Injustice – Esther 6:6-13
Haman is thinking that the King desires to honor him, so he answers as if he is the one to be rewarded.  In a moment, God flips the injustice that Mordecai is experiencing so that even Haman’s family recognizes that something greater is going on here.

Reversal of identity – Esther 6:14-7:4
Finally, Esther “outs” herself. For far too long Esther has hidden her identity, but now her circumstances mandate a reversal of identity. For her people’s safety and survival, she must identify with those outside the walls of the palace. The book of Esther highlights that God is unyielding, unrelenting and resolute in making sure His people identify as His children.

Reversal of reward – Esther 7:5-10
At the beginning of the day, Haman was on top of the world. By the end of the day, Haman is at the top of the gallows. Those who oppose God’s plan and people are ultimately and decisively cut down. Haman’s downfall is a manifestation of God’s providential work in the world to overturn evil with a sense of poetic justice.

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