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Ask the Pastor

On Wednesday, August 29 at 7pm, we’re going to have our first Ask the Pastor Night. I jokingly teased on Sunday this is not Roast the Pastor or Stump the Pastor, but simply Ask the Pastor. So, if you have a question feel free to ask it. To help get as many questions asked and answered as possible, I’m asking that you submit it ahead of time. You can submit questions a couple of different ways:

  1. Email me: jmosier { at } gracelifebaptist { dot } org
  2. Write it on a piece of paper and give it to me on Sunday
  3. Type it out in the comment section below.
  4. Message me on Facebook works as well.

Here are a couple questions that I’ll be answering:

  • Are there any upcoming events for this Fall?
  • What Bible translations are helpful for Bible study?

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