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August 26 Offertory Meditation

The Offertory Meditation from Sunday, August 26 can be heard by clicking through.


Hear the heart of heaven beating, “Jesus saves. Jesus saves.”
And the hush of mercy breathing, “Jesus saves. Jesus saves.”
Hear the host of angels sing, “Glory to the newborn King.”
And the sounding joy repeating, “Jesus saves.”
See the humbles hearts adore him. “Jesus saves. Jesus saves.”
And the wisest bow before Him. “Jesus saves. Jesus saves.”
See the sky alive with praise, melting darkness in its place.
There is life forevermore, “Jesus saves. Jesus saves.”
He will live our sorrow sharing,  “Jesus saves. Jesus saves.”
He will die our burden bearing, “Jesus saves. Jesus saves.”
“It is done!” will shout the cross, Christ has paid redemption’s cost!
While the empty tomb’s declaring, “Jesus saves.”
Freedom’s calling, chains are falling, hope is dawning bright and true.
Day is breaking, night is quaking, God is making all things new.
“Jesus saves.”
Oh to grace, how great a debtor! “Jesus saves. Jesus saves.”
All the saints who shout together. “I know that Jesus saves.”
Rising up so vast and strong lifting up salvation’s song,
The redeemed will sing forever, the redeemed will sing forever,
The redeemed will sing forever, “Jesus saves. Jesus saves.”

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