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Be “F.A.T.”

Be...F.A.T.This past Sunday we concluded our series in the book of Titus. The title of the message was Church People. There are four names given in Titus 3:9-15 of faithful men who were instrumental in helping stabilize and disciple the churches on the island of Crete: Tychicus, Artemas, Zenas, and Apollos.

Those four names sound like a typical church directory. Some of the names are common and others are unique, but EACH of them was used by God to build the church at Crete. One of the primary applications was if we are going to be used we must “Be…F.A.T.”

Faithful. Long before we serve in prominent positions or roles, God often uses us faithfully behind the scenes. Often times, it seems as if we are serving in obscurity. Be faithful. Be faithful to the responsibilities that God has given to you: your personal walk with Him, your family, your Life Group, your ministry within the church family. If you set up banners, be the best “banner-set-up-church-member” there is. Faithfulness is measured by the size of the task but by a spirit of worship to the Lord as we seek to fulfill our responsibilities.

Available. A growing Christian is one who makes himself or herself available. They even rearrange their schedules to serve. They’ll adjust their schedules to serve other believers or even unbelievers. Growing Christians are available to serve others. They find joy in being able to help. They see serving as an act of worship and even “doing good works” (Titus 3).

Teachable. Apollos is a great example of being teachable. Apollos was a rhetorically gifted brother who could hold people spellbound because of his oratorical abilities and yet the Scriptures reveal that Priscilla & Aquilla pulled Apollos to the side and taught him and “explained the way of God more accurately.” (Acts 18:18-28) 

In what relational areas could you demonstrate more faithfulness?

How could you rearrange your schedule to make yourself more available to serve others?

How have you demonstrated a teachable spirit?


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