The Bridge to Jesus ….

Books of the Bible function like bridges. Individual books support a larger story line. Luke 1 serves as a bridge for skeptics and doubters invited to investigate the claims of Jesus. If you are on your a faith journey, then  Luke’s gospel is for you. For the believer, Luke’s gospel will confirm Jesus’ identity as the Son of God. Today’s text provides three bridges

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Worship Songs November 11, 2018

| Blessed Be Your Name | Christ the Lord is Risen Today (He is Not Dead) | There is a Fountain (Clarence McClendon) | Lord I Need You | |Blessed be Your Name| |Christ the Lord is Risen Today| |There is a Fountain| |Lord I Need You|

An Unlikely Reversal…

George Leile’s life can only be described as a divine reversal. In 1776, 13 colonies declare their independence forming the United States of America. Six years later, George, now a freed black slave, along with his wife Hannah and their four children departed for Jamaica. Prior to this, while listening to his pastor preach the gospel, Leile is born again.  History records that he

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Worship Songs October 21, 2018

| Come Praise and Glorify | Your Grace is Enough | Forever (His Love Endures Forever) | | Come to the Altar | Crown Him (Majesty) | There is a Fountain (Clarence McClendon) | |Come Praise and Glorify| |Your Grace is Enough| |Forever (His Love Endures Forever)| |Come to the Altar | |Crown Him Majesty| |There is a Fountain|

Walking Into the Unknown…

Faith and fear are not incompatible. It’s possible to have confidence in God and still be fearful of obeying His Word. Esther 5:1-8 shows that Esther is demonstrating faith, yet there is still great fear. She has just concluded a three day fast, no food or water. Here are three observations about fearful faith. Fearful faith is anchored and deepening Anchored to what or

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The Reliable Rescuer…

The account of Sir Nicholas Winton is a remarkable story of unselfish rescue. While in London, he learned that Nazis had invaded his country of Czechoslovakia. He knew the danger Jewish children were facing. During his visit to Prague, Winton single-handedly rescued Jewish children from mass genocide by creating ads for foster homes, manipulating paperwork to sidestep government red tape. From his home in

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