How to Pray

“If only God would tell me what I should do next?!” These are the words of every Christian (and some non-Christians) who are bewildered about the next step or stage of life. Single moms ask this question. Teenagers ask this question about choosing a major and college. Parents ask this question when frustrated with their parenting. Men and women ask this question when facing

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Motivations: Why We Pray?

A holy man sat on a prominent street corner of his city. He covered himself with ashes as a sign of humility. When tourists asked permission to take his picture, the mystic would rearrange his ashes to give the best image of destitution and humility. Many times, our practice of Christianity amounts to nothing more than rearranging religious “ashes” to impress one another. The

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Worship Songs July 15, 2018

| In Christ Alone| Christ is Enough | Be Thou My Vision (Will You Guide Me?) | O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer | His Mercy is More | |In Christ Alone| |Christ is Enough| |Be Thou My Vision (Will You Guide Me?)| |O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer (Sovereign Grace)| |His Mercy is More|

When You Don’t Want To Pray

Sometimes, we Christians don’t feel like praying. Jesus addresses this in Luke 18. This  parable starts in a city with an unscrupulous judge. This judge has no morals, no ethics and no sense of justice. He does not fear God nor respect man.  A widow is taken advantage of and the judge refuses to help. Maybe he knew she didn’t have the resources to bribe

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Worship Songs July 1, 2018

| Every Praise | Love Ran Red | O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer (Sovereign Grace) | What a Beautiful Name | | Every Praise (Hezekiah Walker| |Love Ran Red| |O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer (Sovereign Grace)| |What a Beautiful Name|

Passing the Mantle

A Father’s Charge to His Son Passing the mantle is an expression of extending trust to the one who follows.  For instance, when a king or queen inherits the throne they receive the crown from their predecessor. That crown is a symbol of the authority and trust placed in the monarch. Men, we have a figurative mantle to pass on to our children as

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Worship Songs June 24, 2018

| Open Up the Heavens | Lord I Need You | O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer (Sovereign Grace) | Forgiven (Sovereign Grace Special) | Before the Throne |  |Open Up the Heavens| |Lord I Need You| |O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer (Sovereign Grace)| |Forgiven| |Before the Throne|

Grace Life & the IMB

One of the main reasons why our church cooperates with the Southern Baptist Convention is the International Mission Board (IMB). The IMB has over 3,500 missionaries around the world evangelizing and planting churches. This past week at the convention the IMB showed a video highlighting four churches and four pastors and their families. Each church is necessary to plant more churches to reach the

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