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How can I participate on Commitment Sunday?

By Faith Offering on Commitment Sunday, October 16

On October 16, Commitment Sunday, we will be taking an offering that will be used to immediately begin our next steps. We are asking each individual to tithe and to give over and above their tithe a sacrificial offering. These gifts will kick start our building campaign as we prepare for the ground-breaking.

By Faith 3 Year Commitment, October 16

In addition to our By Faith offering, we will be collecting our commitment cards. This card allows each of us to commit a certain amount of money each month over the next three years. We are praying for 100% participation. We are asking that singles, couples, children, and teenagers to pray what they could give sacrificially above their tithe each month over the next three years. This commitment runs November 2016 – November 2019.

By Faith Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving is a wonderful way to leave a legacy for future generations. It ensures that people continue to hear the gospel of Jesus even after you go home to be with the Lord. Simply place Grace Life in your will and specify how much you want to leave to the ministry of Grace Life. That’s it. If interested, check the box on the commitment card and we will have someone contact you with the details of how to set that in place.

The chart below shows that if each of us participates God is able to provide the necessary funds through our Grace Life family to build our new building.