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From Pastor Joel

September 8, 2013

Dear Grace Life Family,

Fall is officially here! School has begun and the busyness of work schedules increases.

This past week we started our Fall Grace Life Groups (GLG’s) with four GLG’s. A year ago we had one GLG. God is growing our church family. As we grow numerically let us remember we also need to grow deeper into our Bible (Colossians 1) and in relation with one another (Hebrews 10).

Our Friend Day is just two Sundays away! Friend Day = gospel preaching, food and friends. I hope you will take time to read today’s insert. It will give you some practical ways to overcome your fears of inviting people to church. Remember we’re praying for three groups of people to invite:

  • unbelievers
  • believers who don’t attend a church
  • believers who attend a church that is not preaching the Gospel

I would encourage you to invite two friends for each category in order that you’ll have someone on Friend Day. Remember, we don’t set a numerical goal for that day. We set a participation goal. We want everyone who attends Grace Life to invite someone. If you do that you’re doing your job. Leave the results with God.

Lastly, on Monday, October 7 we are having a special Member’s Meeting. I have invited Marshall Shannon of Ministry Design Concepts to speak to us about his ministry. Marshall helps guide churches through the pre-purchase of land and pre-construction of a building. He serves as an advocate for the church throughout the whole process. I would like for our church to consider using his services in the near future as we pray and seek God’s will.

I want our church family to know that I pray for you by name each week! Let’s pray that God will use us on our upcoming Friend Day!



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