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From Pastor Joel

Dear Grace Life Family,

The first Sunday of 2014! I love fresh starts and clean slates. In fifty-two weeks we will be entering a new year. But what do we want to accomplish as we look into the new year? I’d like to suggest some individual, family, and church wide goals.

 Individual Goals…

  • Read the Bible through this year.
  • Pray for three people in Cypress that don’t know Jesus.

Family Goals…

  • Eat dinner together (no TV, cell phones allowed). Reconnect with your family. Talk about your day.
  • Daily, read a short passage of Scripture together as a family and then briefly pray about the truth of that passage.
  • Invite a person/family that you don’t know over for dessert or dinner. Cultivate loving others in your family.

 Church Family Goals…

  • Learn to love, not just tolerate, your church family. You end up loving people that you pray for. Learn to love and forgive other followers of Jesus.
  • Make Saturday evenings a time to prepare for worship on Sunday.
  • Grow in your faithfulness to church. Make a commitment that Sundays mornings are for learning (9:30am) and worshipping (11am). Take an extra step and participate in a Grace Life Group.

You may think to yourself, “there’s nothing earth shattering about any of these goals.” I would agree. But when done weekly and consistently your life, family, and church will be transformed in unimaginable ways!

With great love,



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