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Parenting is more than using your powers to get children to behave in certain ways. Parenting is all about the exposure and change of the child’s heart. When the heart of a child changes the behavioral change that is needed will last. Learn how to be an instrument of heart changing grace in the moments of life that God gives you with your children.

FOUNDATIONS: Bible answers to today’s issues with Ken Ham
Christians need to understand today’s attacks on the Word of God, beginning in Genesis. Your group will be alerted to the true cause of the crumbling of our culture’s moral foundations. You will be equipped with answers to questions such as, Why should we trust the Bible?  Are the creation days in Genesis literal days? Where did the “races” come from? Can we add millions of years to the Bible? Does science confirm the Bible’s history? How can we evangelize effectively in today’s culture?

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? with Paul David Tripp
Redeeming the realities of marriage. Have you ever wondered why some couples reach a place of unity, love and understanding in their marriages while other couples seem trapped in the same struggles year, after year? The surrounding culture would have us believe that a marriage of unity, love and understanding is rooted in romance. Scripture states that a good marriage is the result of worship.