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How to Pray

“If only God would tell me what I should do next?!” These are the words of every Christian (and some non-Christians) who are bewildered about the next step or stage of life. Single moms ask this question. Teenagers ask this question about choosing a major and college. Parents ask this question when frustrated with their parenting. Men and women ask this question when facing a crossroads in their career. What about those who are very content with life, or have the next 10-15 years carefully orchestrated? What about those who feel like they need to mature in their prayer lives? In Mathew, Chapter 6, Jesus teaches us how to regularly pray in every stage of life and every circumstance.

1 – We pray for God’s name to be set apart as holy. (Matthew 6:9) 
Long before we ask for anything from God, the priority for Jesus’ followers is that God would have first place. His name would be hallowed. It means to sanctify, to set apart as holy. Not that God’s name is not holy, but that we who are his disciples have a growing awareness of his holiness. We pray that God’s name would be treated with reverence and respect in our lives and those around us.

2 –  We pray for God’s rule to be accomplished. (Matthew 6:10)
In the gospels, Christ’s kingdom is not about geography, but rather Christ’s authority and rule in his people’s lives. Where is Christ’s kingdom today? According to Jesus in Luke 17, God’s kingdom is within His children.

3 – We pray for God’s people to be… 
Given daily provision (Mathew 6:11), to be forgiven (Mathew 6:12) and to be delivered from the Evil One (Mathew 6:13).

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