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In This House We Do…

I recently came across this family motto that was displayed on a wall and I thought some of these truths adapted so well into a church family. Church family like looks a lot like everyday family life. In fact, most if not all find a direct or indirect correlation in the New Testament of how the individual members of a local church are to interact with one another.

  • We do real. It is way too easy to become fake as a Christian. As long as I look and act the part no one bothers me. As a church family we need to give one another the freedom and liberty to ask the hard questions, to be held accountable one to another. Real can be messy, but where honesty and transparency exist so does God’s grace.
  • We do mistakes. We know that the longer we know one another that mistakes will happen. We aren’t surprised or offended when mistakes happen. We understand, from the Scriptures, that all flesh is sinful flesh, even saved flesh.
  • We do I’m sorry. It’s not always easy, but because we are committed to living out the truth of unity taught in the New Testament we say “it” and accept “it” when other say “it” to us.
  • We do second chances. God has given us more than a second chance. He’s given us a third, fourth, fifth chance. We extend the same to others.
  • We do fun. We have no problem laughing, smiling. Christians aren’t morose and boring. We enjoy the grace-filled, Spirit-filled life!
  • We do hugs. Yep! We’re a family and we don’t mind giving a hug.
  • We do forgiveness. See “we do mistakes.”
  • We do really loud. When we get together we can be loud (and we’re ok with that). We love fellowship and we love hanging out with one another.
  • We do family. Actually the New Testament’s teaching is a bit stronger than this one. Our Lord teaches us that the body (the local church) is ONE. Yes, we do family, but by God’s grace, we can “up” that. We do ONE!
  • We do love. “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have love one for another….” God’s children are characterized by the love that they show to one another. Of all the characteristics God chose it’s interesting that it should be love! So yes, while we’re not perfect, we do try to love one another.



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