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Jenny’s Story: Stories of Individuals Coming to Know Jesus

Jenny’s Story: Although I have always considered myself a Christian; I recently learned that my faith was not directed to the one true reason and direction in being a Christian.  Rather my faith was split apart into many different directions. As a child, I grew up in Toronto and went to a Presbyterian church.  My family, as well as myself, considered ourselves Christian and I went through life according to how I thought a good Christian lives. I put my faith in doing good deeds, helping people, giving to charity,as well as God but there was always a small piece of my faith missing; although, I would never admit it to anyone but myself.  I was even baptized in a Baptist church when I lived in Florida. I put my trust that everything I was doing all equaled to the great big sum of being the definition of a Christian.  I recently realized however, that although I was on a path of being a good person and good deeds. I was taking three or four roads to heaven instead of just one.

13316838_1120948591294082_7040595681175561204_oI discovered with the help of Pastor Joel that the only thing I needed to believe in to be a Christian was Jesus.  I was just giving a part of me to Jesus instead of my full self.  Although I considered myself a good person doing good things, I realized that didn’t make me a Christian.  What makes me a Christian is putting my trust and faith in Jesus alone.  I had good intentions with every church that I joined in Toronto, Florida and now Texas.  But intentions alone didn’t work which was why I always thought a small piece of my faith was missing.  Trusting in Jesus alone now has freed me and not giving me so much pressure to prove who I am. The Bible says trusting in Jesus alone is what makes you a Christian.  I no longer have to prove who I am anymore because now I feel that putting my trust in Jesus alone will show what I am.  This will not be something that I will take lightly and this is a commitment that I am willing to make.  Getting baptized and becoming a member of Grace Life will be my first step towards my commitment.  After that, since I’ve put all my faith in Jesus alone I will trust that he will lead me in that right direction.


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