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Making Disciples – A vision for a church in Cypress

There are 31 Christian churches in the Cypress zip code, 77429. I included any church that would self-identify as teaching the Christian gospel. So what’s our niche? Colossians 1:28 helps define and shape our ministry vision by stating “We proclaim Christ, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” This involves talking to others to make disciples, walking with believers to develop their faith and sending people out to fulfill the great commission.

Can We Talk? (Matthew 28:17-19a)
Each believer is expected to make disciples (or followers) of Christ.  Our Lord’s last command is our first concern. In our English Bible the verb appears to be Go. In reality, the key word and main verb is make disciples. Whose responsibility is it to make disciples? It is not the pastor’s job any more than it is your job. It is my responsibility to equip you so that you can make disciples.  Whether you’ve been a follower of Jesus for six weeks, six years or sixty years, Jesus intention is that you would make disciples

Can We Walk? (Matthew 28:19-20)
Can we walk with those who have been born again and see them become fully developed and devoted followers of Jesus? In verses 19:20, we see that Jesus has authority. Because Jesus has this authority, he says to his followers, “Go.” Here’s what fascinating about the word Go. It’s not a command go from point A to point B. It could be translated while going. While going…make disciples. While going…baptize. While going…teach all.  Going where? Going to get your hair done. Going out to eat after the service. Going on the school bus, etc. Do you see in verse 19 where it says make disciples of all nations. The word nations is the Greek word ethne, from which we get our word ethnicity. Ethnicity is a people group with their own language and/or culture. Jesus’ expectation is that Christian people become uncomfortable in order to make disciples, NOT that we make unbelievers come to our territory. That is you have to step out of your culture and enter other peoples worlds, eating their foods, learning their customs, their music.

Can We Send? (Matthew 28:20)
For 2,000 years the Christian church has referred to this passage as the Great Commission! The pathos of this passage is that our God sends. Our God loves. Our God gives. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son….” The heartbeat of our God is sending his own Son to rescue and reconcile repenting sinners to Himself. Gospel commissions are the natural result of those who are fueled by the gospel.

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