Marks of a Healthy Church

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signpost-healthy-churchIs a large church more blessed by God? Should a small church be considered more faithful than a larger church down the street? 

Instead of judging those smaller or bigger than us. Our aim is to become a healthy church. That is the goal of our new adult Bible study series on Sunday mornings taught by Pastor Joel. 


  1. September 7: Introduction to a Healthy Church
  2. September 14. Mark 1: Expositional Preaching
  3. September 21. Mark 2: Biblical Theology
  4. September 28. Mark 3: The Gospel
  5. October 5. Mark 4: A Biblical Understanding of Conversion
  6. October 19. Mark 5: A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism
  7. November 9. Mark 6: A Biblical Understanding of Church Membership
  8. November 16. Mark 7: Biblical Church Discipline
  9. November 23. Mark 8: A Concern for Discipleship & Growth
  10. November 30. Mark 9: Biblical Church Leadership
  11. December 7. Ask the Pastor