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April 26, Session 1: Why Join a Church? Is church membership biblical? What are the scriptural qualifications for joining a church?

May 3, Session 2: Statement of Faith. Is it really a necessity to believe in the Trinity? What does Grace Life believe the Bible teaches on a variety of biblical doctrines (e.g. election, congregationalism)?

May 10, Session 3: Covenant Membership. The difference between covenant membership and membership; and a discussion of expectations of church members

May 17, Session 4: Life as a Church. Why do we do what we do? How the gospel  saturates all that we do.

May 24, Session 5: Resolving Conflict in the Church. It’s not a matter of if conflict will happen, but when conflict will happen. How do we resolve conflict in a biblical way?

Session 6: Baptism. This final session is reserved for those who have yet to be baptized by immersion.