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Pastoral Residency Program

Dear Grace Life,
A few weeks ago our two pastoral residents, Ben Akatsa, Chris Kehoe, and myself attended the Pastor’s Conference hosted by John Piper and Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis. As pastor, I wanted to say thank you for investing in our pastoral residents. What are we trying to accomplish with our pastoral residents?

2 Timothy 2:2 guides our thinking, “and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”

1) Practical theology training + local church experience = WIN for the future pastor and the church he serves. Grace Life provides pastoral theology and local church experience. Residents attend deacons’ meetings and elders’ meetings.

2) Pulpit Opportunities & Sermon Feedback. Having the opportunity to preach is invaluable. When our residents preach we provide constructive criticism and encouragement.

3) Theological Education. Currently our residents attend one pastor’s conference each year with Pastor Joel. If our church joins the Southern Baptist Convention they provide education at any of the SBC seminaries for half price. In the future I would like for us to help our residents financially with their seminary education.

4) Sent Out from Grace Life. As we have already experienced with Carlos Perez and family. We have had the unique privilege to send one man out to pastor a church. Let’s pray that God will allow us to see many more go out from Grace Life to plant a church or lead existing churches in the US and the world.

Grace Life, thank you for your willing investment in the next generation of pastors!

Pastor Joel


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