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Preparing for Sundays


In almost every area of life preparation is key to succeeding. If you desire to work in a specific field you prepare by studying in that discipline. If you want to lose weight you make a game plan. If you want to make a purchase you determine how much you must save and for how long before you can buy it. The same is true of our worship on Sundays. I’d like to give you some ideas on how you can make your Sunday morning successful spiritually:

  1. Learn the songs that we will sing on Sunday by listening to them during the week. Each week you can find the worship set on our church blog page HERE Maybe if you’re brave you could even have your family sit around and sing with the YouTube version of the song. 🙂
  2. Start preparing on Saturday.
    ~ Set your clothes out for you and the kids
    ~ Go to bed a little earlier than normal.
    ~ Set your alarm clock earlier than what you think you may need.
    ~ Will you give your tithe/offering online or in the offering?
  3. Get up before the kids. Prepare your heart through Scripture reading and prayer. Spend 10 minutes reading the passage that will be preached that morning. Pray through it for yourself, your family, and for Pastor Joel as he preaches it.
  4. Prepare your kids by talking about what to expect…
    ~ playing in the nursery
    ~ attending children’s church
    ~ singing with the congregation
    ~ giving during the offering
    ~ What if there’s a visiting family with kids? How could they interact with those children?
  5. Finally, leave early so you can arrive early. Rather than arriving five minutes late. Arrive five minutes early and get to know a person or two before the worship begins. Stick around after the service. Let the kids play while you encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Have a successful Sunday,


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