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Questions & Answers…About the Bible tackles the major questions about how to interpret and understand the Bible. This new Sunday School series begins the first Sunday in June.

June 7 How is the Bible Organized?

June 14 Who Wrote the Bible? God or Man

June 21 Were the Ancient Manuscripts of the Bible Transmitted Accurately?

June 28 Who Determined What Books Would be Included in the Bible?

July 5 Why is Biblical Interpretation Important? 

July 12 What are Some General Principles for Interpreting the Bible? 

July 19 How Can I Improve as an Interpreter of the Bible?

July 26 Who Determines the Meaning of a Text?

August 2 What Is the Role of the Holy Spirit in Determining Meaning?

August 9 What Is the Overarching Message of the Bible? 

August 16 Is the Bible Really All About Jesus?

August 23 Do All the Commands of the Bible Apply Today?

August 30 Why Can’t People Agree on What the Bible Means?