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Quotes from Together for the Gospel

John Piper often says books don’t impact people, specific sentences within books influence people. The same is true of sermons as well. With that thought in mind here are some of my favorite quotes from sermons I heard when I attended Together for the Gospel this past week.

“This is a very serious act of treason: when you love other things more than you love God.” 

“Only Jesus buys slaves and makes them heirs.”  preaching on Romans 3:21-26.

The best preachers are plagiarists. All they do is tell people what God has said. –

“Martyrs didn’t die just because they believed the gospel. They died because they broadcast the gospel.” 

If you are not concerned about holiness, you are not concerned about the Great Commission. Kevin DeYoung

One necessary sign of true spiritual life is that we love one another. Kevin DeYoung

The greatest aid to worship is the explanation of Scripture. John MacArthur

We all like to call the nation to repentance, but what about calling the Church to repentance? John MacArthur

When people come into your worship services, are they filled with Bible? Ligon Duncan

“The state of your members is more important than their numbers.” 

Read the Bible. Preach the Bible. Pray the Bible. Sing the Bible.

If you like to watch the preaching sessions, they can be found at www.T4G.org


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