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Sacrificial Giving

In 2016, I preached an eight week series that kicked off a giving campaign to raise money for the construction of our new building. About 35
individuals/members participated by committing to this project. Since then, we have grown by 55% and some have expressed interest in how they can contribute. I want to encourage you this week to be considering and praying what the Lord may have you give beyond your tithes. Those commitments could be weekly, monthly or annually.

The emphasis in this giving campaign is willing generosity (I Chronicles 29:5)
In this verse, we learn that King David gave lavishly. More importantly, we learn that David wants something from them of greater value.  He calls for them to give willingly.

A spirit of willingness = consecrating oneself to the Lord (Luke 21: 1-4)
In Luke 21:1-4, we see two types of givers. Christian, do you recognize yourself in one of these two groups? God is not calling for equal gifts, but equal sacrifice. Willingness to give is evidence of being dedicated to the Lord! If you identify a refusal of willingness that should be an alarm going off in your conscience.

Consecration is cultivated by enlarging our view of God (1 Chronicles 10-13)
In these verses, David praises the eternality of God, the sole possessor of the earth. Our God is in the heavens and He does all that He pleases. His is the kingdom, greatness, power, glory, and majesty. God is exalted as Head above all! He is the eternal One. Meaning, he’s been with you during the good times and bad times. He is the uncreated One. All things owe their existence to Him. He whispered and the planets aligned. He breathed and stars were hung in the galaxy. My friend, if you’re needing a consecrated heart, open your Bible and learn of Him.

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