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Some Things Jesus Did Not Know

On Sunday we looked at John 4.1-30, The Bad Samaritan. Message can be found here. One of the truths that comes through the passage is that Jesus considered the Good News of the Gospel more important than cultural expectations. We noted four truths that Divine Mercy does not know:

  1. Divine Mercy Knows No Geographical Barrier (John 4.1-6)
  2. Divine Mercy Knows No Ethnic Barrier (John 4.7-9)
  3. Divine Mercy Knows No Gender Barrier (John 4.7-9)
  4. Divine Mercy Knows No Time Barrier (John 4.10-15)

The implications are numerous and the applications are mind-numbing. For too long and too often the church has allowed cultural expectations(often Christian culture, not scripturally informed thinking) to dictate how we evangelize and whom we evangelize. May God allow Grace Life to think sober, counter-cultural, and scriptural as we seek to reach people God is drawing to Himself.


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