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Summer Giving

Every Sunday, we take a couple of minutes and invite people to financially support the mission of this church. The reason why we do it is not to put pressure on people. It’s to encourage people to move from spectators to participants in the vision. We are so grateful for all the things your gifts allow us to do (e.g. supporting missionaries around the world, caring for the needy locally, and providing resources to teach children in our church)!

As we approach summertime, our kids are getting more and more excited. Why? Because they no longer have to sit in a classroom and learn for several hours a day. Who can blame them?

As you’d expect, this also causes some of their learning to go backwards. Here’s a fun fact. According to onlinecollege.org, “On average, students lose about 2.6 months worth of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills during their summer break.”

“But just like kid’s math skills go down in the summer, so does church funding. And it’s not because anybody says, “I just don’t feel like supporting the mission of the church this summer.” It’s because people forget. They’re out of town. There’s a lot of other stuff going on.

As a church, we have a lot of exciting things we want to accomplish this summer. But they also require money and resources. That’s why your decision to continue giving is such a big deal.

So I want to invite you to give and to continue giving this summer via online giving. We will work diligently to be good stewards of your donations. There are two primary ways of giving online:

  1. tithe as you receive your paycheck OR
  2. set up a recurring tithe on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis

Go HERE to do either.

Thank you so much for your faith in this area, and for supporting Grace Life!


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