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Sunday School Series

In the month of August we are going to take four weeks to walk through the history of our Bible. Here is what we’ll cover in our four week study:

August 4: What Does the Bible Teach about Itself? We’ll try to answer some questions like: Does God really say that it is without errors? What about all the ‘mistakes’ I’ve heard about it?

August 11: How Did We Get the Bible? Where are the original manuscripts? Do we still have the original manuscripts? Who decided 66 books are in the Bible? Why not 65 or 67?

August 18: What Translation of the Bible Should I Use? There are so many translations. Are they all the same? Do they have weaknesses? Do they have strengths?

August 25: Should We Clarify Our Statement on the Bible? If So, How? Grace Life has a history of being “for the Bible,” is it necessary to clarify our statement?


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