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The Peacemaking Church

Sunday I preached a message titled, The Peacemaking Church. Churches tend to be a place where conflict happens on a regular basis. The question is not if conflict comes to the church, the question is what do we do when conflict comes to the church. My outline was taken from material from Ken Sande of Peacemaker Ministries.

A conflict is define as a difference in opinion or purpose that frustrates someone’s goals or desires. These could be genuinely spiritual goals or ideas, such as, starting a church, sending additional financial support to a missionary or something as carnal as someone taking your parking spot or seat at church. 

We learned the four G’s of a God-centered response to conflict are:

  1. Glorify God (1 Corinthians 10:31)
    The question to ask ourselves is how can I honor God in this conflict?
  2. Get the log out of your own (Matthew 7:5)
    The question to ask ourselves is how can I show Jesus’ work in me by taking responsibility for my contribution to this conflict?
  3. Gently restore (Galatians 6:1)
    The question to ask ourselves is how I can demonstrate gospel reconciliation by gently restoring this brother or sister?
  4. Go and be reconciled (Matthew 5:24)
    The question to ask ourselves is to whom should I seek to reconcile?

The Foundational G is the Gospel of Christ (1 Timothy 1:15). If the gospel restores the relationship between a sinful human being and Creator God, then certainly the gospel of Jesus Christ can restore two fallen individuals and reunite them in a relationship.

What additional biblical principles would you add?



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