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The Reliable Rescuer…

The account of Sir Nicholas Winton is a remarkable story of unselfish rescue. While in London, he learned that Nazis had invaded his country of Czechoslovakia. He knew the danger Jewish children were facing. During his visit to Prague, Winton single-handedly rescued Jewish children from mass genocide by creating ads for foster homes, manipulating paperwork to sidestep government red tape. From his home in London, he coordinated train evacuations of 669 children from Czechoslovakia to Britain. Winton faced reprisal and retribution, yet was a reliable rescuer. Initially, Esther is a reluctant mediator, yet in the end, she becomes a reliable rescuer. The text shows us four commitments God makes to His renegade and rebellious children.

God is more committed to your holiness than your happiness – Esther 4:1-3
In Deuteronomy 28:64-67, we learn that God promised judgement if his people broke their covenant. In Esther 4:1-3, we learn that, wherever the decree reaches, there is great mourning among the Jews. The book of Esther is not just the growth and spiritual change of a few. It is a record that the God of heaven persistently pursues His own. God is unafraid to use the willful depravity of man to accomplish His end. Like pawns in a game of chess, God skillfully uses Ahasuerus’ nationalism and Haman’s racism to get His people’s attention. The desired end: a restored relationship with the One they rejected.

God is more committed to your identity than your image – Esther 4:4-11
Esther knows she is violating legal statute and cultural norms. We know what happens when a queen violates these.  The author is showing the growth and change of Esther. If there is any hope for reversing this death sentence, Esther will need to be more concerned with her Jewish identity than her Persian image. Esther now finds herself no longer able to play it neutral between the king of Persia and the King of Heaven.  Beloved, the King of Heaven will deliberately place you in situations where you will either insist on your image or reveal your identity as God’s child.

God is more committed to His plan than your proposals – Esther 4:12-14
This statement by Mordecai, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, is the most overt reference to God’s sovereignty that we have in the entire book.  God is more committed to His plan than His people’s reptutation-saving, image-saving proposals.  Mordecai points out to Esther, doing the wrong thing may pay off in the short term, but it never pays off in the long run.

God is more committed to His Rescuer than your rescuer – Esther 4:15-17
Esther offers a rescue from Haman’s edict. Jesus offers a rescue from hell. The reliable rescuer is not Esther, but Jesus. Israel’s reluctant rescuer points us to our reliable Rescuer. Esther will prove to be a good mediator between King Ahasuerus and the Jews. Jesus is the greater mediator between God and sinner.

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