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Titles Tell a Story

Sunday we taught through John 1 for the final time. We walked through the entire chapter specifically highlighting the titles given to Jesus. Remember, these titles weren’t given to “mix things up” in the first chapter, but rather these titles communicate a story about Jesus. Below are the specific titles and what we are to be thinking about with each title. If you missed the message you can find it here:
  1. The Word: Communication (1-2, 14)
  2. The Light: Revelation (6-9)
  3. Lamb of God: Substitution (29, 35)
  4. Son of God: Identification (18, 34, 39)
  5. Rabbi: Instruction (38)
  6. Messiah: Completion (41, 45)
  7. King of Israel: Exaltation (49)
  8. The Son of Man: Conclusion (51)

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