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When God is Silent…

Barrow is the northernmost town in the state of Alaska. From late November until March, the sun is below the horizon. Though unseen, the people of Barrow continue to believe, while the sun is hidden. Esther teaches us that while God is unseen, he is not absent and works in the following ways:

God thwarts the plans & schemes of power to establish His kingdom (Esther 1:1-9)
The opening description of Ahasuerus’ kingdom is intended to shock, overwhelm, even repulse the reader of Ahasuerus’ extravagant display of wealth.  This is a king who displays his palatial, luxurious wealth for 180 days. He hosts parties for influential guests from the vast empire and the entire city and provides an unlimited drinking supply in unique, handcrafted goblets, unparalleled beauty. Yet, Ahasuerus takes up a few paragraphs in the history books of the world before his empire vanishes.  We know Other empires will rise and fall. The Roman empire attempts to destroy the infant Christian church, she too will pass away. Hitler and his goal of world dominance, exterminating the Jews; he too is gone. Scripture teaches us that the only kingdom that is unstoppable is Christ’s kingdom.

God uses the whims & impulses of people to prepare His plans. (Esther 1:10-12)
Vashti is commanded to enter so that the king’s drunken, frat-party friends can be entertained. Even for Persian standards this was unheard of. Little did Ahasuerus know that God would use His drunkenness to accomplish God’s plans. Little did Queen Vashti know in her rightfully indignant response that God was moving the chess pieces to save His covenant people, even those who were unfaithful to Him. Friend, God is weaving a beautiful tapestry of His design and His plan in your life.

God reveals the wisdom & counsel of the world to contrast His wisdom (Esther 1:13-22)
The final half of the chapter is an introduction to divine comedy. Ahasuerus calls his counselors to ask what should be done. In contrast, Psalm 2 instructs us that the true King sits in the heavens and laughs at the so-called wisdom of this world.

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