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Why 13515 Huffmeister Rd?

Occasionally, someone will ask me how did you choose the property that the church is preparing to build on at 13515 Huffmeister Rd. I jotted down three reasons why we initially chose this property:

  1. Budget. We wanted to keep the cost of the land to a specific price range. We paid $555,000 for 6.5 acres of land on a major road. To purchase land for less than $100,000/acre in Cypress is an unheard of price for our area.
  2. Space for 500-600 seat auditorium. While our first phase includes worship for 250 people plus kids ministry, our 2nd & 3rd phase for the property includes a 550 seat worship center plus kids/student ministry. We do not intend or desire to be a megachurch. We desire to be a church that plants other churches in our city. By limiting our seating capacity, we hope to increase our sending capacity.
  3. Increasing our racial and economic diversity. The church of Jesus Christ is not monolithic (Revelation 7). In fact, one way that God receives glory and the gospel is advanced is when diversity is prevalent and Christian unity transcends differences (e.g. racially, culturally, linguistically, politically & economically), (John 17). When looking for new property the common wisdom is to look for land farther out of the city to save money, etc. After surveying the demographics of the immediate community, we purchased the property at 13515 Huffmeister Rd. because we believe our racial and economic diversity will only increase thereby giving greater glory to God and advancing the gospel in greater ways. We do not worship diversity. We worship the God who creates diversity and unity in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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