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Why Friend Day was a Success?

Ever since Sunday I have been overwhelmed with all that God did in Grace Life. I jotted down a few reasons why I though Friend Sunday was such a success. Here are mine:

  1. We worked and served together. The few weeks leading up to Friend Sunday we planned the entire day together. Each person demonstrated ownership in their area of responsibility. When this past Sunday rolled around everyone stepped up and fulfilled their tasks. When a few of our folks had to “call-in” because of sickness, other pitched in and helped to get the job done. We each took time to invite our own friends. Each of us has friends that will never hear the Gospel message clearly unless we take the time to give it to them.
  2. We worshipped God together. 1 Corinthians 14 teaches us that when an unbeliever steps into a worship service that they are overwhelmed with the manner in which Christians are worshipping the true God of heaven. Our guests saw this. They saw you worshipping with one mind, one heart and one voice praising Jesus together.
  3. We preached the Gospel together. The Bible tells us that “all men will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.” It’s not simply if a Christian demonstrates love, but that we demonstrate love to each other as fellow Christians. You preached the truth of the Gospel by sincerely, genuinely loving your fellow Christians at the gathering that morning.
  4. We prayed together. Nothing speaks of believers public confession of helplessness and utter dependence than praying with fellow Christians. Our praying together during Grace Life Groups spoke of our unity and agreeing to bear one another’s burdens through prayer.
  5. God magnified Himself. The last reason why Friend Sunday was such a success was that God magnified Himself. He made Himself big in the eyes of unbelievers because the Gospel was preached. He made Himself big in our eyes because He glorified Himself through answering the prayers of His people.

If you haven’t seen the pictures yet, head over to our Facebook page and look through them all.


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